Silage Tarp 3.4MIL (black/white)


Product Description

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Resists extreme weather conditions
  • Preserves an anaerobic condition free of oxygen, light, and heat
  • Resists against UV and punctures
  • Withstands strong wind gusts

Additional information


24x100x3.4MIL, 24x100x3.4MIL, 32x100x3.4MIL, 32x100x3.4MIL, 32x125x3.4MIL, 32x125x3.4MIL, 40x1000x3.4MIL, 40x1000x3.4MIL, 40x100x3.4MIL, 40x100x3.4MIL, 40x150x3.4MIL, 40x150x3.4MIL, 40x200x3.4MIL, 40x200x3.4MIL

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