Silage Wrap Amplast 3

Plastitech’s Amplast 3 silage wrap is a 3 layers film.

Product Description

A 3-layer silage film that is made right here in Canada. Amplast 3 film from Plastitech is designed to have better puncture resistance, improved ultimate adhesion as well as UV resistance while being airproof and rainproof. This product is specially adapted for round bales to provide optimal results.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • 3 layers
  • Greater puncture resistance
  • Improved ultimate adhesion
  • For round bales only
  • UV light resistant


30x1500x1MIL 24Rls/Plt
20x1800x1MIL 32Rls/Plt

Please note that the minimum order quantity is 1 pallet.

Additional information


20x1800x1MIL, 30x1500x1MIL

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