Silage Wrap MaxTech 1.2MIL

Monolayer film made specifically for round bales only.

Product Description

MaxTech silage film is a superior performance blown film which exhibits good strength in machine and transverse directions. This provides excellent elongation, puncture and tear resistance when compared to cast films. Expanding and contracting work in both directions, assuring good seals throughout the storage time period.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Monolayer
  • For round and square bales
  • Puncture and tear resistance
  • Excellent cling properties
  • White opaque
  • UV stabilized
  • 25.4 microns (1 mil)


20x1250x1.2MIL 32Rls/Plt
30x1250x1.2MIL 24Rls/Plt

Please note that the minimum order quantity is 1 pallet.

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20x1250x1.2MIL, 30x1250x1.2MIL

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