Silage Wrap Silotite

For All Crops, All Climates

Product Description

Silotite is a superior plastic film that can withstand higher forces and is therefore designed for faster and more efficient wrappers. Its tensile strength allows the producer to stay in his tractor with confidence and save a lot of time. It is a 5-layer product suitable for round and square bales. The plastic used to make this product is fully recyclable.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • 5 layers
  • Suitable for all bale wrappers
  • For round and square bales
  • High puncture & tear resistance
  • Consistently good elasticity
  • Fully recyclable 


Width (mm) Thickness (µm) Length (m)
500 25 1800
750 25 1500

Please note that the minimum order quantity is 1 pallet.

Additional information


20x1800x1MIL, 30x1500x1MIL

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