Mulch films

  • Increases soil temperature: at 2″ deep temperature increases by 4 or 5 ºC under clear mulch.
  • Reduced soil compaction: soil under the mulch film remains friable and well ventilated. The roots have access to sufficient oxygen and microbial activity is excellent.
  • Reduces the leaching of fertilizer: water slides down mulch and maximizes the effect of fertilizer.
  • Reduces evaporation: water in the soil under the plastic stays longer. Plant growth under mulch film is faster.
  • Cleaner harvest: a crop under mulch stays cleaner and rot less because the plants and fruits are not splashed with soil. NB: Your mounds must be firm and tapered away from the center of the row. The plastic should be tight to allow water drainage and avoid puddles on the mound.
  • Elimination of damage to roots: weeding is not necessary except between the rows, thereby eliminating the damage to the roots.
  • Reduces weeding : black mulch protects well against weeds in the row. Light mulch needs herbicide or fumigation. Weeds between the rows can be controlled with a herbicide or mechanically.
  • Increased growth: mulch film seal the CO2 gas essential for photosynthesis. High levels of CO2 are created under the mulch film because the mulch does not allow gas to escape. The CO2 must exit through the planting hole made in the mulch, creating a chimney effect that centralizes high CO2 concentration on the foliage.

Clear mulch film

  • Ideal for all hasty vegetables
  • Ideal for cucurbits, beans and solanaceous
  • Transmits heat faster than other mulch
  • Keep a warm environment at the beginning of spring

Black mulch film

  • Prevents weed growth by blocking the process of photosynthesis
  • Provides strength and elasticity to facilitate installation and recovery
  • Transmits heat slower than clear mulch and thermal mulch

White on black mulch film

  • The white on the outside reflects light and reduces overheating of the soil and increases photosynthesis
  • Transmits heat slower than other mulches
  • Black below prevents weeds from growing

Thermal mulch film

  • Ideal for fruits and vedgetables
  • Combines the qualities of the clear and black mulch films 
  • Reduces herbicide costs by preventing the growth of weeds 
  • Transmits heat faster than black mulch
  • Must be very tight.

Silver on black mulch film

  • Reflects light and prevents weeds from growing
  • Decreases the population of aphids and other insects
  • The silver top reflects light in plants
  • Black below prevents the growth of weeds

Metallic mulch film

  • The fruit ripens perfectly Increases the redistribution of sunlight
  • Increase of the natural color of ripe fruit
  • Prevents weeds from growing
  • Increasing the photosynthesis which increases the amount of sugar in the fruit


Greenhouse film