Peat moss

Professional Mix
For Animal Bedding

Eco-Comfort is the first choice of peat moss base bedding for Dairy and Poultry farmers.


Low pH of 3.5-4.5
Significant capacity for Ammonia sequestration (NH3)
Natural production of antibiotics such as penicillin and streptomycin by some microorganisms within the peat moss itself.


  • Reduction of odors
  • Reduction of insects
  • Reduction in the health cost caused by bacterias pathogenic micro organisms
  • Reduction of manure volume by 25% to 50%
  • Absorption from 3 to 5 times superior of other types of bedding
  • Excellent quality of organic fertilizer with slow release
  • Reduction from +/- 40% of time of cleaning and maintenance of spaces
  • Feeding requirements reduced by +/- 6%
  • Requires ½ inch to 1 inch thickness in periods farming of roasting chicken
  • Gain of weight of 8% per day for roasting chickens


  • Incomparable animal cleanliness
  • Easier cows lying down then other types of bedding therefore it reduces stress and it stimulates the milk production
  • With Bio-Organicmix less injury to the cow members
  • Decrease of pneumonias
  • Additional net profit per cow per year of 700$ to 1700$
  • Increase of better production and customer reassuring


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