ProNet round ball nets

PlastiTech’s net reduces packaging time because you only have 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 revolutions compared to the rope which takes about 12 (saving time). Due to its surface, the water penetrates much less and you have much less loss of foliage. The winter frost will also have less effect on the bale compared to the rope that frosts deeper. A highly colored mark notify you in advance that the roll will end.

48” X 3000M2818 SKIDS
48” X 3300M2818 SKIDS
48” X 3500M2418 SKIDS
48” X 3600M2418 SKIDS
48” X 3700M2418 SKIDS
48” X 3800M2418 SKIDS
51” X 3000M2818 SKIDS
51” X 3300M2818 SKIDS
51” X 3500M2418 SKIDS
51” X 3600M2418 SKIDS
51” X 3700M2418 SKIDS
51” X 3800M2418 SKIDS