Stretch film

The use of silage PlastiTech stretch film will ensure a high bale quality. Our film coating is reliable and of uniform consistency that will allow you to produce a high quality silage quickly and efficiently.

Our coating film is a blown film of superior performance that demonstrates good omnidirectional force (transverse or right to the machine). This provides an excellent elongation and resistance to tears and punctures when compared to the cast films. Work of expansion and contraction in both directions ensures good adhesion during the period of storage time.

Our coating film was introduced in agriculture in Canada and the United States in 1988. It is now recognized worldwide as a “leader” in the market for stretch film for agriculture. Its performance has benefited farmers of hot climates of Florida and those of cold Canadian winters.

Our coating film is produced to exacting specifications developed for the agricultural industry. Our facility operates in accordance with a program of quality control that has nothing to envy anyone, and this for 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Each roll used give trouble-free performance with any wrapper square or round bale on the market.

The benefits of our coating film are very clear:

  • Low storage cost 
  • Excellent resistance to tears, punctures and abrasions for outdoor storage
  • Specially treated to withstand the degradation by ultraviolet rays
  • White reflective film to reduce heat buildup and prevents the loss of nutritional quality
  • Ultra-adhesive film to coat to seal the bale from air during storage

Our film is designed so your herd has a diet high in protein and energy. This way, costs for the supplementation needs are reduced. Your profits on investments are increased which contributes greatly to the success of your farm. Why not now join the farmers who are successful using our film? 

For best results it is recommended that :

  • The plastic is not pre-stretched to more than 75 %
  • The bales are coated with a 50% overlap and a minimum thickness of 6 plies
  • The coated balls have a moisture content of 45 % to 55 %. Our ​​film has a triple layer to increase endurance in machine direction as well as transversely.

Our film is sticky on both sides so each plastic layer is well bonded without any air bubbles. There is a UV protective film to protect against the sun’s rays. The film allows you to coat your round or square bales on any type of machine. Our film was continuously improved over 30 years due to our research and expertise of North American farmers.

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