Plastic sheeting

Co-extruded silage film covers is a polyethylene (PE) films with strong and durable properties, formulated with the latest top technology of raw material and additives. These covers, available in single opaque or bi-color versions, resist extreme weather conditions to fit all required applications.

Used to cover fodders, silage sheets preserve livestock high and initial nutritional quality. Since fodder production is seasonal, silage cover is needed to preserve it for a certain period until it is progressively consumed by animals.

Also known as bunker silo cover, silage bunker covers, silage film, silage pits, silage protection sheets, silage sheets/sheeting, flat silos, bunker cover film, and haystacks.

White/Back silage films create an isolation between external and internal side where fodders are stocked.

Under high sun exposure zone, the white outside layer reflects the sunrays and reduces heat transmission to fodders preventing overheating.

The black inside layer limits light transmission, resulting in maintaining an anaerobic environment free of oxygen, light and heat.

It provides a lactic fermentation that reduces the pH with acidic environment to prohibit any microbial and/or fungal activity, to preserve high nutritional value of the crops, all year round.

With UV stabilization, the high puncture resistance film lasts up to 12 or 18months.

Same films, formulated in high thickness and UV stabilization for longer lifetime, can be offered as shading sheets for applications, such as storage, service areas, mushrooming or ocean packaging and animal shelters.


  • Resist extreme weather conditions
  • Reflect sun rays and reduce the temperature with a white outside layer
  • Limit light transmission with black opaque layer
  • Preserve an anaerobic condition free of oxygen, light and heat
  • Provide a lactic fermentation that reduces pH with acidic environment
  • Prohibit acetic & butyric fermentation, limiting microbial and fungal activities
  • Resist against UV and punctures
  • Outstand wind gusts


Plastitech silage film covers are suitable for all applications, such as silage pits, silage bunkers, flat silos, haystacks, adapted to all extreme climate conditions. With special UV stabilization system, these covers protect PE film for a usage period of 12 or 18 months.