Pioneer and leader in plasticulture

Our mission

To be a leader in the development of plastic film for silage and horticulture as well as animal bedding.

Innovator since 1948 from generation to generation

Plastitech is a company whose foundations are based on innovation. Learn more about the vision behind it and, in turn, about the products we have developed and brought to market.

…Plastitech is an innovative company in terms of production techniques… »

Our silage plastic

Plastitech offers you a complete range of plastic film for silage. Designed for use in harsh conditions, for the conservation of your silages meets the highest quality standard.

Our Peat Moss

Ultra absorbent peat moss ideal for obtaining adequate drainage for mushroom cultivation.

A high-quality peat moss. The number one choice for horticulturalists.

The first choice of animal bedding for all types of peat moss based cow.


Choice of several colors depending on the crop and desired application, ranging from weed growth prevention to heat transmission.

Premium horticultural cover films from the Ginegar brand. They protect crops and promote their growth.

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