Products developed in collaboration with producers

Discover our product line of agricultural plastic films for the conservation of boreholes, vegetable and fruit plastic films, and peat moss for horticultural production, mushroom cultivation and animal bedding.

Available in several forms, find the type of silage plastic that best suits your practices and your crops. Preserve the condition of your crops with our high quality plastics.
Sphagnum moss, also called peat moss, is a plant product sold in a dried state. Its primary characteristic is its great capacity for absorbing and retaining water. This substrate is therefore ideal for horticultural and market gardening productions, but also as animal litter.
Depending on its color, plastic mulch has several functions. Clear mulch increases soil temperature, while black mulch protects well against weeds in the row. Discover its multiple uses and benefits: reduces soil compaction, washout of fertilizer and evaporation, keeps crops cleaner and increases growth.