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Peat Moss

For Mushroom Growing & for Horticulture

Product Description

Base peat moss material to do your own mixes.

Base peat moss material to do your own mixes. Plastitech Peat moss first became available to gardeners in the mid-1900s, and since then it has revolutionized the way we grow plants. It has a remarkable ability to manage water efficiently and hold on to nutrients that would otherwise leach out of the soil. While performing these amazing tasks, it also improves the texture and consistency of the soil. Our sphagnum peat moss is one of the most absorbent on the market with young, long, blond fibers..


  • Low pH of 3.5-4.5
  • A significant capacity for Ammonia sequestration (NH3)
  • Natural production of antibiotics such as penicillin and streptomycin by some microorganisms within the peat moss itself.
  • Peat Moss is used widely in the production of mushroom casing layers, substrate fillers, and acts as a moisture retainer and aerator.


*This product is sold by truckload only.

Additional information


3.8ft cu, 55ft cu, 110ft cu, 135ft cu

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