Silage Wrap SuperMax Seal 7, 1.2

Plastitech’s 7 layers 1.2MIL film is the ultimate silage wrap to use for square bales.

Product Description

Plastitech’s 7-layer SuperMaxSeal film is the best film on the market to use on square bales. Its 1.2 MIL thickness along with its improved 7-layer formula provides puncture resistance that outperforms other plastic films. This protection also helps prevent holes caused by imperfections in the ground which maximizes the ball’s sealing.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • 7 layers
  • silage wrap 1.2 mil
  • Recommended for square bales
  • Better puncture resistant in the corners of the bale
  • More resistant to imperfect ground conditions
  • Can more easily crush larger stems


This product contains 40 rolls per pallet.

Please note that the minimum order quantity is 1 pallet.

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