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Silage tarp against weeds

The black on white silage tarp is the ideal tool to control or kill weeds in the field or garden. Available in 2 thicknesses (5 or 6 mil), several sizes are offered according to your needs. Our blackout tarp will save you time and energy in weed control and soil preparation.
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Product Description

A tarp to prevent weeds from growing

Widely used in organic agriculture, the black silage tarp allows to fight easily against weeds. By placing the tarp on the plot or in the garden, the lack of light will cause the weeds to die within 3 to 4 weeks under ideal conditions. The black tarp allows the soil to warm up more quickly and to maintain a humid soil, which will activate the microorganisms responsible for the decomposition of the organic matter.

Fitting weeds with a black tarp

The use of a silage tarp is also an excellent way to prevent weeds on a plot or garden that is not in production. Placed in the fall after harvest, black tarp will warm up the soil more quickly in the spring and eliminate the need for weeding.

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5mil, 6mil, 8mil


24'x100', 24'x150', 24'x200', 24'x1000', 32'x100', 32'x150', 32'x200', 32'x1000', 40'x100', 40'x150', 40'x200', 40'x1000', 50'x100', 50'x150', 50'x200', 50'x250', 50'x1000', 60'x100', 60'x150', 60'x200', 60'x250', 60'x1000', 65'x100', 65'x150', 65'x200', 65'x250', 65'x1000', 72'x100', 72'x150', 72'x200', 72'x500', 72'x1000'

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