Ice rink tarp

Enjoy winter with a rink right in your backyard! Our super strong plastic outdoor rink tarps will make it easy for you to build your rink. Whether you want to play field hockey or just skate, offer an unforgettable experience to the whole family!
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Advantage of using a rik liner to build for an outdoor ice rink

With a plastic tarp, it will be much easier to start your skating rink project. The liner will serve as a base to retain the water in your homemade ice rink during watering.

  1. Simply lay the tarp flat on the ground (ideally level) with the white side up.
  2. Raise the sides to retain the water to a thickness of 3 to 5 inches (7 to 12 cm). This step can be done in the fall with pieces of wood (2×4 or 2×6) or during the first snowfall by using the snow to create the edges.
  3. Once the sides are assembled, all you have to do is fill the surface with water, which will freeze evenly during the first sub-zero temperatures.
  4. Once the ice has set, water the ice as needed to even it out or thicken it.
    For the maintenance of the ice, use hot water, which will have the effect of correcting the imperfections of the ice.

Features of our ice rink tarp:

Plastitech outdoor rink liners are designed to withstand the coldest winters. Made with top quality materials, our plastic tarps will last for many years. Here’s what sets them apart from other tarps:

  • UV resistant
  • No seams
  • Designed in one piece
  • White side to reflect light
  • Easy to put in place

Young and old are sure to have a lot of fun skating on your homemade ice rink!

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