New NutriProtect 7 stretch film

In order to meet the demands of the market and its customers, Plastitech now has a 7-layer stretch film line.

High quality silage film

The key to good silage quality is its preservation. Plastitech has designed this high-quality round and square bale stretch film to maintain the nutritional value of silage and minimize dry matter and energy loss. Specially designed for coating, NutriProtect 7 is a blown and coextruded 7-layer film with different film thicknesses which will provide an excellent barrier against oxygen, the enemy of good fermentation.

Made with rigorously selected high-quality resins, which gives it high mechanical properties and high adhesive power, Plastitech’s NutriProtect 7 guarantees high resistance and perfect sealing. Contains UV protection which guarantees a storage period of twelve months under normal conditions of use: 160 Kly.

This multilayer stretch film, can be used for storing silage bales, grass, corn, alfalfa, etc. It is suitable for all types of wrappers, round or square bales.

100% recyclable

Our innovative polyethylene film does not contain any harmful material and therefore has no polluting effect on the environment. It comes in different colors: BLACK, WHITE, LIGHT GREEN and DARK GREEN.


  • 7-layer co-extruded film
  • Selection of latest generation resins
  • Optimization of the mechanical characteristics of the film
  • Reduced packaging cost Excellent value for money.
  • Increased resistance to tearing and puncture.
  • Excellent adhesive power
  • Better sealing: minimal loss of CO2
  • Optimized oxygen barrier: no oxygen entry
  • Enhanced opacity and UV protection: mini 12 months / 160 KLY

7 layers, 7 promises

  1. Uniform opacity
  2. Exceptional bullet sealing experience
  3. Improved dart drop
  4. UV protection of at least 1 year
  5. High puncture resistance
  6. Excellent tear resistance
  7. Best performance in the world

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