Silage Bags 8


Product Description

Plastitech silage bags are made from 100% virgin, high quality polymers with exceptional strength and durability.

Plastitech Silage Bags provide a flexible storage system with unlimited capacity, you can conveniently store your crops without having to build a silo, saving you time and money. With an airtight seal, available oxygen is quickly used up and aerobic microbial activity virtually ceases, ensuring good feed preservation.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Low Capital investment
  • Low annual storage cost
  • Unlimited storage capacity
  • UV stabilized to protect the feed from UV degradation
  • White exterior for maximum sun reflectivity, black interior for opacity
  • 100% virgin resins for consistent quality
  • Tear and puncture resistance allows for maximum capacity filling
  • Consistent and uniform compaction
  • Exceptional quality silage
  • Minimal spoilage losses


Thickness may vary depending on manufacturer.

Additional information


8x100x8MIL, 8x100x8MIL, 8x150x8MIL, 8x150x8MIL, 8x200x8MIL, 8x200x8MIL, 8x250x8MIL, 8x250x8MIL, 8x300x8MIL, 8x300x8MIL

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