Silage Tarp 6MIL (black/white)


Product Description

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Resists extreme weather conditions
  • Preserves an anaerobic condition free of oxygen, light, and heat
  • Resists against UV and punctures
  • Withstands strong wind gusts

Additional information


24x100x6MIL, 24x100x6MIL, 32x100x6MIL, 32x100x6MIL, 40x1000x6MIL, 40x1000x6MIL, 40x100x6MIL, 40x100x6MIL, 40x150x6MIL, 40x150x6MIL, 40x200x6MIL, 40x200x6MIL, 50x1000x6MIL, 50x1000x6MIL, 50x100x6MIL, 50x100x6MIL, 50x150x6MIL, 50x150x6MIL, 50x200x6MIL, 50x200x6MIL, 50x250x6MIL, 50x250x6MIL, 60x1000x6MIL, 60x1000x6MIL, 60x100x6MIL, 60x100x6MIL, 60x150x6MIL, 60x150x6MIL, 60x200x6MIL, 60x200x6MIL, 60x250x6MIL, 60x250x6MIL, 65x1000x6MIL, 65x1000x6MIL, 65x100x6MIL, 65x100x6MIL, 65x150x6MIL, 65x150x6MIL, 65x200x6MIL, 65x200x6MIL, 65x250x6MIL, 65x250x6MIL, 72x1000x6MIL, 72x1000x6MIL, 72x100x6MIL, 72x100x6MIL, 72x150x6MIL, 72x150x6MIL, 72x250x6MIL, 72x250x6MIL

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