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Silage Tarp 6MIL (black/white)

Made with premium materials and easy to use.
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Product Description

With the Farmer in Mind

Plastitech offers high quality silage wrap. Our formulations and resins are suitable for multiple uses. We use our canvases across North America to cover pits/bunkers and for silage concealment. Increased resistance to perforation and tearing, our silage wrap ensure excellent efficiency and are the ideal tool. Made in Europe, our silage warp offer excellent watertightness and conservation properties.

A Product Made for You

Very strong films made of Metallocene, the strongest type of polyethylene. They offer outstanding protection from UV and mechanical damages, thus guaranteeing the integrity and air-tightness of the silo. Also, they are easier to install than standard silage films.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Resists extreme weather conditions
  • Preserves an anaerobic condition free of oxygen, light, and heat
  • Resists against UV and punctures
  • Withstands strong wind gusts

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24'x100'x6mil, 24'x150'x6mil, 32'x100'x6mil, 32'x150'x6mil, 32'x200'x6mil, 40'x100'x6mil, 40'x150'x6mil, 40'x200'x6mil, 40'x1000'x6mil, 50'x100'x6mil, 50'x150'x6mil, 50'x200'x6mil, 50'x250'x6mil, 50'x1000'x6mil, 60'x150'x6mil, 60'x200'x6mil, 60'x1000'x6mil, 65'x100'x6mil, 65'x150'x6mil, 65'x200'x6mil, 65'x1000'x6mil, 72'x100'x6mil, 72'x150'x6mil, 72'x500'x6mil, 72'x1000'x6mil

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