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Synthetic Twine for Small Square Bale

Plastitech twines are made with efficiency in mind.
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Exceptional quality fine twine suitable for all balers. With a perfect match between resistance and length. Our twines always offers optimal performance. Produced using the most advanced technology, this pioneering version of fine twine offers more efficient baling. Developed following years of field testing in the most representative and demanding markets, our twines are the most suitable solution for standard density straw, hay, silage and others under all weather conditions.


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10000'/130lbs (Blue), 10000'/130lbs (Orange), 12000'/205lbs (Blue), 12000'/205lbs (Orange), 5600'/240lbs (Blue), 5600'/240lbs (Orange), 7200'/180lbs (Blue), 7200'/180lbs (Orange), 9000'/130lbs (Blue), 9000'/130lbs (Orange), 9000'/160lbs (Blue), 9000'/160lbs (Orange), 9000'/180lbs (Blue), 9000'/180lbs (Orange)

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